Burn Notice
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Original air date: 07/11/2013

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovilocations.org

The episode starts off with a brief recap of previous events.

Then the new action starts off where the previous episode left off. We see the gang looking for Sonya in apparently the same wooded area. Filming location unknown.

Michael catches up with Sonya and convinces her to trust him at least enough not to kill him.

Then we see our gang at Sonya’s contact’s building. Filming location unknown.

Next we see Fiona meet her new guy at Carlito’s. Filmed on set at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Then we see Fiona arrive home and is surprised by an unexpected CIA visit. Filming location unknown.

Then we return to the Cuban contact building. They barely make it out. Location unknown.

Then we see our gang hiding out. Filming location unknown. The stairs stand out as looking clean and new as opposed to everything else so it appears they were put there to facilitate the scene. In a prior period this location was a weigh station as you can see the truck scale at several points in the scene. Likely an old quarry.

Then we cut to Fiona looking for the CIA tail outside the Bail Bonds Office. This was filmed on set at the rear of the studio next door to the Carlito’s set. We saw this location used in episode 6, Unpaid Debts where it was called the Last Round Up.

As they walk away it is very funny because we see the Carlito’s set in the background where Fiona had just met with her boyfriend.

Then we see Jesse and Sam put their plan into action at the local police department. Filming location unknown.

Then we return to the old weigh station where we see Michael and Sonya prepare to leave ahead of the Cuban authorities. Location unknown.

Then we return to the interior of the Cuban Police Station. Location unknown.

Then we cut to the airport. This was filmed on location at the Opa-locka Airport. We see them watching the maintenance hangar which in real life is building 600 at Opa-locka. We first saw this hangar used in episode 5, Family Business.

As seen in Family Business.

Michael takes out one of the security forces at a container. Filmed at Opa-locka Airport near where we saw them parked.

Then we go inside the jail where Fiona is being held. This has every indication of having been filmed on studio set.

Then we return to the maintenance hangar. Filmed on location at and in building 600 of Opa-locka Airport.

Intercut we return to the police station where they are on to Michael and Sonya. Filming location unknown.

As her forces arrive we see the new control tower in the background. This was built after the Pilot filmed here and we saw the original tower as it appeared as a Nigerian airport.

Then it cuts back to the police station, location unknown.

Their scheme works and the forces pull out of the airport.

Then we return to the Police Department, where they send Sam out. Plan works perfectly. Location unknown.

Then we see Sam and Jeese steal a car. Filming location unknown.

Then we return to the Opa-locka Airport where they pull the repaired fixed wing out of building 600.

Back to the police station (location unknown) before returning to the airport to see the gang escape.

When they take off from “Cuba” we see a building in the background proudly flying an American flag.

Then we cut to Fiona’s where things are not going so well. Filming location unknown.

The crew has made it home safely. In reality this was also filmed at Opa-locka airport, very close to where they filmed the Cuba scenes. They are walking along the south side of Fontainebleau Aviation, 4200 NW 44th Street.

While at Opa-locka we learn where we are headed next and the episode ends here.


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org


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