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The episode starts out with a brief recap of events.


Then we see the episode start with Michael going for a run which was his way of secretly meeting with Strong. Filming location unknown/unconfirmed.

Then we see Michael go into action with Sonya. This was filmed on location at the Chart House Restaurant. 51 Chart House Road near the studio. Sadly this landmark location was torn down shortly after filming.

Then we see them return to Michael’s loft. Filmed on set at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Then we cut to Carlito’s where they meet with Barry. Filmed on set at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Then we see Fiona and Michael go to work as hackers. Filmed on location in the famous Cameo , 1445 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. I was first introduced to the Cameo in the Pilot of Miami Vice.

The gang helps out at the sub station. Location unknown.

After the successful meeting we see Michael and Fiona enter the hacker’s offices. Filming location unconfirmed 100% but it appears that this was filmed inside 1000 5th Street, Miami Beach.

Then we return to Michael’s loft to plan. Filmed on set inside the studio.

Then we see an establishing shot of a used car lot. Filmed on location filming south toward 58 NE 7th Street, The unique roof of the Christ Fellowship (500 NE 1st Ave. Miami) can be seen in the background. I first saw this in the building in the background of the great Miami Vice episode, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run. Burn Notice has since used it in episode 81, Scorched Earth.

As seen in Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

Right away it cuts and we are no longer downtown but have traveled to Dinner Key outside the studio. Here the rest of the scene plays out.

The old Dinner Key building first seen used in Miami Vice, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run can at one point be seen in the immediate background.

Then Fiona and Michael go to work inside the hackers office. Filming location unconfirmed but believed to be 1000 5th Street Miami Beach.

Then they go up to the roof. The first cut was filmed atop the City of Miami Riverside Center at 444 SW 2nd Avenue in Miami.

Then it cuts and they are atop a completely different building with a completely different background. This was filmed atop 1000 5th Street in Miami Beach. We saw this location used previously in episode 13, Breaking and Entering and again in episode 63, Company Man. The building we see in the immediate background is 425 Jefferson Ave.

They tie off atop 1000 5th Street, Miami Beach to what are clearly fake/staged pipes that are taped to the roof.

Then we see the stunt crew go over the side of Miami Riverside Center.

We see a side by side of the stunt crew hanging from Miami Riverside Center and Fiona and Michael in front of a fake exterior on the roof top of 1000 5th Street, Miami Beach.

Michael climbs up the fake exterior on top of 1000 5th Street having successfully made it look like they had survived a dangerous incident on the side of Miami Riverside Center in Miami.


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Episode 706 104
  All Or Nothing

Exterior of loft


Since repaved and building constructed.


Original air date 07/18/2013