Burn Notice
      Episode 106
Nature Of The Beast


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts with Michael in a restaurant waiting for a meet. This was filmed on location on the fourth floor, west side of Coco Walk in Coconut Grove Fl. This location has since been turned into a gym.

The roof of the Mayfair Hotel serves as a vantage spot for back up.

Reverse view

Michael flees on foot. We see him run down the cocowalk stairs from the fourth floor to the third floor.

Then we see Michael running eastbound down Grande Avenue outside the Mayfair Shops by 2911 Grande Ave.

Then we see him run north up the Rice Street access to parking off Grande Ave.

Then re-used footage from episode 9 Hard Bargain. Rice Street looking south just north of Florida Avenue.

Then we see Michael run around the corner at the NE corner of Virginia Street and Florida Ave. Outside 3339 Virginia Street opposite where Miami Vice filmed Buddies, Florence Italy and French Twist.

Then westbound on Grand Avenue away from Mary Street. The Grove Towers are seen in the background. They were used Burn Notice episodes, Miami Vice episodes, and in the movies Stick.

Then northbound up the Rice Street pedestrian mall toward where we saw Stan placing his bets in Too Much Too Late and Freefall.

Then into the stairway in the same open air mall.

Then we see Michael exit the Mayfair just yards away from where we saw him go down the stairs on Rice Street.

Then down the alley used in Hard Bargain, Devil You Know and Down And Out.

As seen in Hard Bargain:

As seen in Down and Out.

Out onto Rice Street at the end of the alley.

Act one opens with an aerial of Michael being driven eastbound on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Then we see Michael get a briefing at a very nice mansion that is all but empty. Location unknown.

Then we cut to a make shift CIA  field office. Looks like a studio shot but location unknown.

Then we see Jesse get his orders via the cellular phone. He is conveniently located just outside the studio on the north side of the studio grounds.

Then we see Fiona and Jesse pulling into a parking area. Location unknown.

Then it cuts and they are parked on the south side of the studio outside of Carlito’s.

Then we see Madeline and Fiona talk on the Carlito’s set at the rear of the studio.

Then we see an establishing shot borrowed and re-used here from the season opener, New Deal. Michael’s place at 1525 NW 1st Place, Miami.

Then we go inside Michael’s pad. Likely filmed on studio set but location unconfirmed.

Next we see an exterior establishing shot. Location unknown, looks like stock footage.

Then we see Sam inside the Mayfair hotel. On the ground floor of the courtyard. We have seen a lot of filming here including Miami Vice which shot for Jack of All Trades in this exact spot.

We see a birds eye view of the street (Grand Ave.) right outside the Mayfair Hotel.

Then we see Michael on the roof of the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove. He is overlooking the courtyard by the elevators first made famous in Miami Vice’s French Twist. Keeping an eye on Sam below in the courtyard.

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Original air date: 08/01/2013.


Michael runs to stairs




We have seen the roof of the Mayfair Hotel used previously in the Miami Vice episode French Twist and in the Burn Notice episode (#90) Desperate Times.

Top recreation picture is from November 2009 when studio was still there and lower picture from August 2019 after studio was shamefully torn down and new landscaping done.