Burn Notice
Episode 111
Series Finale


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The final episode of Burn Notice starts where the previous episode left off. Atop the satellite center. Filmed on location atop the southern most building of the old Burger King HQ complex at the end of SW 184th Street, Miami.

Fiona and Michael head toward the fake stairwell, it cuts and then we see them inside the same building headed down the main stairs. We have seen this exact fake stairwell entrance on other rooftops in other episodes.

Then we see them bust out the main door of the same building. South side of building.

Sam and Jesse drive in from the west side swing under the covered (circle shaped) drive pick up Fi and Michael and continue out the south side and make their escape toward the west.

Act 1 opens at a marina. Filmed on location in Matheson Hammock Park, 9610 Old Cutler Road Miami. We saw this exact location used previously in episode 61 Out of The Fire.

Then we see an aerial shot of Ted Vernon Specialty Autos inc., 8301 NW 7th Avenue, Miami. Interestingly Ted Vernon’s other shop on NE 79th Street has been used previously in Burn Notice and is right next to the filming location for the next scene.

Then we see Michael and Fiona make a dumb choice and pick the car (to break into) on the end of a line right in front of a store. The most likely car to be seen and caught. Hardly a move for a couple of smart operators.

Jesse and Sam go into “Jay’s Quick Mart”. Filmed on location at 8031 NE 5th Avenue, Miami.

We see the same extras walking by in distinctive dress as they go in as we see right after they get inside. Walking in the same direction seconds later but yards behind where we just saw them.

Michael quickly puts his own plan into action crashing into the store in the stolen car. While he gets shot by what is clearly a shotgun which clearly has crimped extra shells on the stock that are bird shot loads, somehow tv magic leaves him with 1 hole in the arm.

Next we see Michael call into Strong. Strong’s location is unknown but Michael and the gang are back at Burger King Head Quarters on SW 184th Street. This time they are in the front parking garage at the front of the main building just south of the main driveway.

Then we cut to Carlto’s. Filmed at the rear of the Coconut Grove Studio. Here Michael’s photo is being broadcast on the television.

Then Michael pays his mother a visit. We see an exterior establishing shot of 3256 Day Avenue, Coconut Grove.

Then we go inside. This was not filmed on location in the house but on a set inside the studio.

Then we see Jesse helping out with intel. I believe this was filmed in the parking garage of the main Burger King building on SW 184th Street but I will have to return there to confirm this 100%.

Then we see our crew on the move. In the first cut we see them northbound on Arthur Lamb Jr Road on Virginia Key. They are at the south end by the Rickenbacker Causeway headed north away from the Causeway.

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