Original air date: 06/13/2013

Filming for this episode took place from 03/18/2013 through 03/26/2013.


The episode starts off at Madeline’s home with her intent on finding out more about Michael’s current situation. Filmed on set at the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we see Madeline arrive at the federal building. We see her pull into a parking garage. Filmed on location in the garage just west of the Metro Dade Cultural Center. At the NW corner of the intersection of W Flagler Street and NW 2nd Avenue.

She parks there on the 6th floor.

She sees Mr. Obvious standing to the east.

She walks into the elevator on the south side.

The elevator stops as it is about to reach the second floor and brings her up to the roof.

The door opens on the roof and she is greeted by her son.

Then we see Michael in the CIA office. Filming location unknown.

They have surveillance on his friends, Their location is unknown.

Michael has a flashback to Dublin. Filming location unknown but likely a studio set.

Fiona receives a tip via the phone. Filming location unknown.

Michael arrives first and parks at 7636 NW 22nd Avenue, Miami.

Then we see the gang arrive at the address. Not the bogus address in the dialog but they do arrive on location. Filmed at 7770 NW 23rd Avenue, Miami. A business called Custom Steel and Glass.

Michael takes up a concealed position in the NW corner of the same lot where he parked. He shoots the bad guy with a rifle and the experienced crew does not recognize a rifle shot over their heads and thinks it may have been Sam’s handgun. Not even close to believable.

Then they go inside. Filmed there on location inside Custom Steel and Glass.

Dixon arrives and parks out front.

Dixon gets them their lead. Surprisingly, though the dialog gives a false address, the sat image they display is accurate to the neighborhood in real life where they film the related scene. They indicate a home only two houses to the east of the actual house.

From 12005 NE 8th Ave we first see 11921 NE 8th Avenue in the background. The view is to the south. This is Dexter Gamble’s pad as Michael sights in on the door.

We see Michael arrive on the scene and the van stops. Location unknown.

Then he exits the van but it is in a completely different location. It is now parked on NE 8th Avenue, outside #12025, Biscayne Park. The van is facing north.

Then it cuts and we see him run eastbound down the alleyway that runs east west north of 120th Street and south of 121st Street.

Then we see Michael get up on the roof of 12005 NE 8th Avenue where he takes up a position.

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