Burn Notice
Episode 704/102
 Brother In Arms


Original air date: 06/27/2013

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

After a brief recap of previous events the episode starts out at nighttime with Michael sneaking up to a house and then inside. Filming location unknown.

Intercut we see Burke interrogating Serano. Filming location unknown.

Act 1 opens inside Michael’s apartment. Filming location unknown. Likely a studio set.

Then we see Jesse and Sam arrive to help. Filming location unknown.

Then we see the gang check out the secret Russian building. This is an interesting scene, filming wise. First we see them on the second floor of 45 NW 21st Street.

Then the camera shows they are looking out the window at 45 NW 21st Street. Yes, they are looking at themselves. The windows are the biggest clue that reveals this.

The paper stripe on the window is a conclusive and obvious detail that confirms this.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of 500 Espanola Way.

Then we go inside. Filming location unknown but possibly 506 Espanola Way.

Intercut we see Michael talking via the telephone with Fiona. Her filming location is unknown.

We see Fiona and Madeline pull up in the van in the same unknown location that we saw used in 702, Forget Me Not.

Then we see them put their plan into action. Thanks to the red driveway and house number, this was a very quick find. 1736 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we return to the gangs pad. Filming location unknown.

Then we return to the secret prison. Filmed on location at 45 NW 21st Street.

Then we see Madeline and Fiona pull up next to the studio at Seminole Boat Ramp.

There, their captive makes a run for it. Amazing how much traffic there is in the little parking lot.

Then back to the Russian secret prison. Filming location is unconfirmed but likely inside 45 NW 21st Street.

Then we see Jesse and Sam at there hideout getting notice to burn and go. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Burke inside 45 NW 21st Street looking out at 45 NW 21st Street.

We see the Cuban Police pull up to 506 Espanola Way, Miami Beach. The Clay Villas. They then go inside and head up to the second floor.

Then we see Jeese and Sam make their escape by jumping from the second floor balcony of 500 Espanola Way.

Then we return to the secret prison, filming location unconfirmed.

Then we see Jesse and Sam walking westbound on Espanola Way with 516 Espanola Way in the immediate background.

Then the north side of Espanola Way is seen in the background.

Then we see Sam and Jesse kidnap one of the Russians to make him look guilty of being a turncoat. This was filmed on location back outside 506 Espanola Way.

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